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UK lawmakers hit by cyber security attack

Isn’t the frequency and severity by which hacking activities and cyber security attacks at the global stage happen just concerning?

Given the increasing level of risk from cyber security attacks, it’s better to err on the vigilant side than regret being hacked forever. That’s why a timely and proper cyber incident response is the best solution if you want to be safe from becoming the next victim of cyber crime.



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Measures to prepare for cyber security attack

Hacking and cybercrime create enormous trouble for businesses. Attacks mean data breaches, which mean confidential or sensitive information could be accessed by malicious people. This could easily ruin your company, and you would not even know about it.

Studies revealed that a total of 1,093 security incidents involving loss of sensitive data were disclosed last year--a 40-percent jump compared to the 780 breaches reported in 2015. Meanwhile, only 34 percent of those organizations have an effective security system. If you need any more proof that cybersecurity is a problem: a study found that US companies have reported at least 160 successful cyber attacks in 2014 alone. Moreover, the United States also continues to rank highest in its cost of cybercrime at an annual average of $15.4 million per company.

For that, the cybersecurity in the United Kingdom is one of the most important models to which you can look up.


Options for computer and internet security

There are two options that you have regarding your computer and internet security. Preventing the data breaches before it can even happen greatly mitigates the chances by which you become attacked.

The cyber incident response is the best solution if you want to be safe from being the next victim of cyber crime. With the proper internet security response, you can avail of instantly actionable security alerts, valuable intelligence and incident context, and allows for an adaptive response to the complicated cyber threats.

On the other hand, there is the incident response planning, which calls for accurate and timely information about any cyber attacks, should they happen. With new and unique methods of data breaches and cyber threats, it is almost impossible to be ready for all types of attacks. That's why having an exit strategy is becoming mandatory, as numerous companies avail the best plans that can reduce the effect of those attacks.

Cybersecurity in the UK is one of the most used techniques, and this has made every organization enjoy and do business hassle-free. Keep in mind cyber security exponentially increases with the rise of businesses. If you don't put enough attention to the security of your computing section, you may suffer massive losses.


How to secure your enterprise network from cyber threats

Cyber criminals are busy trying to find ways breach the network security that enterprises have set up. Such vulnerabilities, fortunately, are reduced by the introduction of intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems to give you additional cyber security.

But sensitive data is not the only thing that a business has to protect with an intrusion prevention system. The ability to prove awareness of global trends and protect confidential information reflects your ability to be successful in any industry. Any process that is dependent on information that moves through your network could come to a screeching halt if your cyber security is compromised.


When should you expect cyber attacks to happen

There are many reasons for an attack could be carried out on your enterprise network. A criminal may be looking for financial gain. Someone is trying to find a way through your firewall protection to gain access to confidential data. Other people who threaten your network security do it just for the challenge. Others are finding their way to undermine the cyber security of businesses and organizations and going public with their success as a means of protest. They may be in and out quickly, but if the knowledge that your network has been breached gets out, it could damage your business reputation.

No matter what the reason, an unsecured enterprise network that is vulnerable to a cyber threat can cause chaos for your company. To protect your confidential information and keep your processes running smoothly, you have to have up-to-date network security to be protected from an attack.


What can you do to protect yourself from cyber threats

There are several ways by which you can protect your computer and/or network. Set up a defense across your entire network to keep you infrastructure secure. Include an intrusion detection system that will give an instant alert to any threat. Security solutions must be simple enough to be easily understood so that they can be activated quickly. The faster the threat is dealt with, the less downtime your company will have to endure as it protects itself from an attack.

If your company has been able to fend off past cyber attacks, don't let it put you in a position of believing that your network is safe from intrusion. There is always another criminal learning new techniques. The data collected and reported on with each threat to your company must be easily understood to follow the evolving trends in cyber crimes. The flexibility of reporting and allowing tweaks to your network protection will give you protection from future attacks, which could be far different that the one you have just survived.

The important thing to remember is that the threat to your processes and confidential information from a cyber attack evolves as quickly as technology, so the defenses that you set up must be able to be ready to meet future requirements. As your business grows, so does your need for IT protection. As technology changes, intrusion protection and detection must be able to keep up.


Marco Hathway

Marco is a businessman for 20 years and a father of 4 boys. He has 2 grandchildren and loves to play golf.

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