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The Top Cyber Security Challenges Experts Are Facing Today

In today’s world, where data and information are being stored online, shouldn’t companies and organizations invest in information security online?

Information security is one of the main concerns among businesses and organizations as sensitive and confidential corporate data, which are now being stored online, are at a higher risk of being stolen. It’s important for each and every organization to keep up with the mounting pressures of data-stealing cyber attacks, which also evolve alongside modern technology. Here are just some of the challenges that cyber security experts face on a day-to-day basis.

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Top cybersecurity challenges that experts are facing today

Whether you like it or not, cyber crime has become part and parcel of both government and private sectors. Studies show that the United States can hit more than $6 trillion in damages in the next four year just from cyber crime. Moreover, a majority of Americans (64 percent) have experienced major data breaches, which speaks to the magnitude of the problem.

Therefore, it is necessary for experts to pull up their sleeves and up their game to avoid attackers coming up with new ways to attack users.

Internet of things

The hot new trend nowadays is the “internet of things,” or the phenomenon of integrating technology in everything they do, from shopping to banking. Being a ubiquitous part of life, however, the internet of things has led to several users being increasingly vulnerable to such attacks. The numbers of products that have chips are on the rise and therefore increase users’ level of vulnerability. Therefore, the internet of things is one of the many challenges that experts have to deal with regularly.

Internal threats

Employees can put their organizational data at risk even without their knowledge. Organizations will have to deal with credential theft and physical insiders. Attackers will use threats to manipulate their victims. In addition, there can be a malicious employee inside the organization.

Thankfully, the organization can take actions against such attacks by using tight access control. It is also important to educate users on ways to prevent risk to organizational information.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim's data and threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid. It's a major concern in that the attackers wring out as much money as they can from their hapless victims, who will be forced to do so just to get their encrypted information. In fact, it's become a growing concern among organizations and corporations in 2016, as ransomware attacks have grown by nearly half.

Here is a good infographic explaining what ransomware is:




Malware has always been there and it still poses a great challenge to experts. It is what majority of the cyber criminals use to get what they want. Using malware, the criminals can steal important information. They can also use it to destroy data. Therefore, experts still have a big task of figuring out how to prevent malware. It is something that can be done with the right resources. Malware comes in different forms but it can be done away with if experts put their users to it. Users can use antivirus to protect their personal computers.

Cyber theft

Cyber theft is when the attacker steals financial information and use this information against the company. Some attackers even sell the information to the company’s competitors. Cyber theft can be prevented by having tight controls on valuable information. Both individuals and businesses have to make sure that that they have in place updated antivirus to prevent such problems from taking place.

There are numerous challenges that organizations have to deal with daily in terms of cyber security. The good thing is that every problem has its solution. Therefore, information technology experts can come up with ways to prevent attackers from invading a computer and stealing vital information. It is necessary to come up with stronger ways to keep the attackers at bay. Experts must continuously look for ways to avoid attackers having the upper hand. It is the only ways to ensure are safe when using their computers.


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