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The best smart indoor security cameras to protect your home

It’s always a nerve-wracking experience to leave your house unattended and vulnerable to crime...am I right?

Thankfully, today’s modern technology has afforded us great and practical means with which we can protect our home. One of these is a smart indoor security camera, which is widely considered to be a basic security tool that works great for families and businesses like. As such, this article will help you discern the best indoor security camera that’s guaranteed to protect you and your home.


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Best smart indoor security cameras to protect your home

Did you know that last year, the United States recorded a 5.3 percent increase in violent crimes? While property crime as a whole was down 0.6 percent (burglaries decreased 3.4 percent and larceny-thefts were down 0.8 percent), it’s still better to take extra precaution. Nowadays, security cameras are essential to the security of home, business, industries, and others. Security cameras are vital to catch robbery and burglary, as well as personal violations. They also have a wide variety of functionalities depending on use. Some of these are dome cameras, box cameras, bullet cameras, wired cameras, wireless cameras, among others.


Types of indoor cameras

Installing an indoor security camera ensures the security of your loved ones or employees. These indoor spy cameras can vary from simple nanny cameras disguised as a princess' wall clock, to highly sophisticated PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) dome cameras which are installed in public places like malls, large corporate offices, and stairwells of multistoried buildings.


Spy cameras

The alarm clock spy camera for internal home security is the kind you can aim at your front or back door, and the motion-activated camera will catch anyone entering when they shouldn't.

If you want a high-end wall clock camera, then you can opt for an HD night vision unit with DVR. What's cool about this type of clock is that it automatically switches to night vision recording as soon as it gets gloomy. You can choose between motion-activated or scheduled recording.

If you are looking for a mini IR (infrared) spy camera, then the high-resolution home security camera is one of the best bullet cameras you can get. With 56 IR LEDs, you can see up to 150 feet away at night. You can find cameras in sunglasses as the outsider will not be able to determine the presence of a camera on the shade as it is placed in the interior portion of the glass.

Get the right picture even in complete darkness with IR security camera. An IR camera uses infrared technology to capture video in low light situations. These cameras are available with 420 to 700 TVL horizontal resolutions. There are different types of IR cameras to choose from such as dome camera, bullet zoom camera, waterproof camera and lattice CCD Camera.

IR cameras consist of high-quality IR light, IR lens and offer low illumination. These IR cameras are high in performance and easy to install. IR cameras can be used in public places, parking lots, dark corridors, etc. Get these high-quality IR cameras for day/night security surveillance today.

Dome security cameras

Dome security camera systems come with automatic tracking intelligence and motion sensors. The best feature of these cameras is probably that they offer 360-degree surveillance. They are designed to have a complete view from almost any location.

Why is installing a home security camera important?

Security cameras can protect your home wherever you are. It goes without saying, of course, that to optimize the most efficient surveillance of your house or business, you must also consider the position of your security cameras. The right placement of security cameras fixed through a recorder allows you to maintain all record of lots of activities in your residence.


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